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Fen Farm Dairy

Beautiful handcrafted raw dairy products, made on the farm from the milk of the herd of happy Montbeliarde cows.

The home of Baron Bigod Cheese, nestled in the elbow of the beautiful Waveney River Valley! Pop in any day of the week and fill up a bottle of our delicious raw milk from the vending machine! 

You can also get your taste buds into the beautiful selection of raw dairy products, including raw cream, buttermilk, Baron Bigod Cheese, free range eggs and our raw cultured butter, which is made to an unusual 300 year old recipe!

If you're lucky enough to be at the farm on a making day (phone ahead for details), you can peek through the windows and see the Cheese and butter being made. You can also see the happy cows doing their thing.

** If you plan to buy a whole wheel of cheese on your visit, please phone ahead so that one can be ready for you, to avoid disappointment. (Wedges available from the vending machine at all times). **