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Pinney's of Orford

Established in 1959, Pinney's of Orford are a 3rd generation family run business that specialise in producing fine quality smoked products due to the experience and understanding that they have gained over the years in both fishing and smoking.

The smokehouses are still the original houses built by the founder Richard Pinney and are located next to Butley creek in Orford, Suffolk.

They only use whole oak logs to produce their smoke and remain true to the old fashioned traditional way of flavouring and preserving without any additional ingredients other that smoke and salt.

Pinney's place great importance on the sourcing of all of their products, making sure that they only obtain premium fish which are in the best condition for smoking. Their knowledge of each individual product allows them to take many factors into consideration when sourcing stock, and these play a vital role in the quality of the final produce.