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Aldeburgh Beach Lookout and Art House

The Aldeburgh Beach Lookout is a tiny art temple by the sea.

"Because Aldeburgh Beach LOOKOUT is isolated, yet at the heart of cultural innovation, it is a magical and stimulating setting for artists to respond each in their own fascinating way" Caroline Wiseman, founder.

Isolated on the pebbled beach of this Suffolk seaside town, the Aldeburgh Beach Lookout welcomes a new artist, poet, performer, musician, thinker each week as artist in residence. Each weekly artist's residency culminates in an exhibition of brand new work .

London Art Dealer Caroline Wiseman first spotted this iconic tower whilst taking her morning swim in the sea in 2010. Caroline set about acquiring the tower and the house behind on Crag Path. Caroline has transformed the Lookout into an international art destination.

Since it's creation the Aldeburgh Beach Lookout has hosted some of the world's most eminent artists including Peter Blake RA, Eileen Cooper RA, Ryan Gander RA.  The Angel of the East, in celebration of the rising sun, lies close to the Lookout. 

Home of Caroline Wiseman, the ArtHouse is open by appointment. Browse and buy from her collection of art by eminent and emerging British and international artists. The collection includes works by the Lookout's resident artists and inspirational pieces by the masters including Matisse, Emin, Frost and Blake.

Arts Club Aldeburgh Beach

The Arts Club Aldeburgh Beach combines elements of the Chelsea Arts Club and Gertrude Stein's arts salon. The club now has just over 250 members - including the most inspiring and influential of the London and Suffolk art scene.

Members are invited to exclusive events at the Lookout and Art House on Aldeburgh beach, including talks, intimate concerts, candle-lit suppers and lunches on the beach. Events are also held at houses all around Suffolk.

There is a monthly newsletter which publicises the arts activities in Suffolk organised by members, as well as a monthly Arts Club lunch. 

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Aldeburgh Beach Lookout and Art House