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Bawdsey Hall Wildlife and Photography Experiences

Join Bawdsey Hall Wildlife Watching, Photography Workshops and Hide Hire at their private nature reserve at Bawdsey Hall on the Suffolk Heritage Coast. 

With records dating back to the 16th Century, it now provides a quiet retreat with charm and character. Bawdsey Hall has a private Nature Reserve, featuring meadowland, large ponds and mature woods, offering a variety of different habitats for wildlife.

Bawdsey Hall offers an unforgettable wildlife experience. 

Bawdsey Hall offers:
 - Wildlife Photography Experiences days and evenings (Featuring opportunities to photograph Owls and Badgers)
-  Wildlife Experiences
-  Bird ID courses
-  Wildlife Tours
-  Hide Hire

Additional Features:
- Bed and Breakfast
- Moth Nights
- Mothing - For those with an interest in wildlife, we have a resident Moth Expert - Matthew Deans, who is happy to take you around early in the morning and answer any questions when staying overnight at Bawdsey Hall. This can be arranged on booking. 
- Bird Ringing demonstrations on some days. 
Attraction name:
Bawdsey Hall Wildlife and Photography Experiences
phone: 07763 291026