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Bawdsey Hall Wildlife Photography Hides

Bawdsey Hall Wildlife Hides hosts a selection of unique photography experiences designed specifically for wildlife photographers and enthusiasts of all skill levels. 

Whether you're a complete notice and want to learn the basics of how to use or camera if  you're a professional photographer looking for somewhere with fantastic photographic opportunities, Bawdsey Wildlife have the package for you.

Bawdsey Hall Wildlife Hides is located on one of Suffolk's most diverse and intimate private nature reserves in the region, located along the Suffolk Heritage Coast (AONB), on the peninsula between the River Deben and the North Sea. At Bawdsey Hall the grounds containing mature woods, large ponds, old outbuildings and meadow land offer a variety of different habitats for local wildlife, making Bawdsey Hall a wildlife haven and home to creatures of all shapes and sizes.

The main attraction of the The Bawdsey Hall Wildlife Experience is the purpose built wildlife area that centres around a large reflection pond and wildflower garden. This area is regularly visited by our nocturnal wildlife, including our resident Badgers, Polecats, Muntjacs, Foxes, Tawny Owls, Herons and many other creatures. Here you can enjoy an impressive hide offering two perspectives, ground level with a great view of the entire area and the second, hosts the unique sunken hide allowing you to be at eye level with the wildlife.

The activity doesn't slow down during the day either, offering opportunities 24 hours a day. If  you are lucky you may just spot one of the Kingfishers, Sparrowhawks, Kestrels, resident Buzzards, Hares and many more species that visit the feeding stations during the day.

Bawdsey Hall Experiences includes:
During these experiences you hire the hide, and have an expert with you to help or guide you as much as you need during your experience. The Hide features camera fixings, comfortable reclining and heated office chairs, tea and coffee, as well as toilet facilities.

Current Experiences:
- Evening Photography Experiences
- Dusk until Dawn Photography Experience
- Dawn Awakening Photography Experience 
- Daytime Photography Experiences (Beginner, Immediate and Advanced)

COMING SOON SPARROWHAWK HIDE AND HARE HIDE!!!!! See social media pages and website for updates.

The website provides further information and photographs of the species at Bawdsey Hall Wildlife Photography Hides.
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Bawdsey Hall Wildlife Photography Hides