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Bawdsey Radar

Bawdsey Radar tells the story of the first operational radar station in the world where radar was developed that helped win the Battle of Britain.

CV19 update - whilst we're closed, please do visit www.bawdseyradar.org.uk and find out more about the Bawdsey story. Please do follow us on Twitter and Facebook too. We look forward to better times ahead - we will meet again. 

The Transmitter Block was built in 1937 and now houses an interactive exhibition and displays that tell the story of the women and men who, in top secret conditions, developed radar that played such a crucial role in the Battle of Britain. 

Hear the voices of the women and men who worked at Bawdsey, try your hand at being a radar operator and find out just how tall a transmitter tower was. There is a Boffin Trail for younger visitors, picnic tables with games and an astonishing story to discover at Bawdsey Radar.  

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Bawdsey Radar
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