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Easton Farm Park

Easton Farm Park is an educational farm near Woodbridge in the Suffolk countryside.

Home to plenty of animals, including a new contingent of ducklings, lambs, foals, chicks, piglets and calves every spring, Easton Farm Park never ceases to be a popular day out for families and school trips.

The farm was built in the late 1880s at the bequest of the Duke and Duchess of Hamilton, who owned Easton Mansion. They were not building the farm for practical reasons however; instead the farm was purely decorative. In building the farm the Duke and Duchess were buying into a trend at the time for large estates to build very ornate model farms.

Easton Farm Park Kids with Lambs

In 1938 William Kerr moved down to Suffolk from Scotland to set up his own dairy farm. He took the tenancy of Easton Farm Park as well as neighbouring Abbey Farm and Office Farm in Letheringham. In the 1970s it became difficult for the Kerr family to continue using Easton Farm Park as a functional farm, given its age and decorative design.

William’s son Jimmy happened upon the idea of turning Easton Farm Park into an educational farm during a trip to Holland in the 1970s. In 1974 he realized this idea, and the newly conceived Easton Farm Park opened for business.

Visitors young and old can enjoy the fun activities the park has to offer, including pony rides, train rides, meeting all the animals and even cuddling a few of them, too. Easton Farm Park also holds fabulous fun day events and even a three-day music festival 'Maverick' every July! 

Dogs on leads are most welcome.

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Easton Farm Park
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