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National Trust Sutton Hoo

Discover the story of the Anglo-Saxons at the burial ground of kings Sutton Hoo is the site of the country's most significant archaeological discovery. In 1939 an excavation revealed the Anglo-Saxon ship burial of a great king with all his extraordinary treasures, and revolutionised our understanding of the Dark Ages.

Today you can explore the life and story of the Anglo-Saxons in our modern Exhibition Hall, with a reconstruction of the burial chamber, some of the original treasures, hand-crafted replica items made by master craftsmen, dress up as an Anglo Saxon, and more.

For an atmospheric, spiritual experience explore the burial mounds and stand at the very site where the great kings of early England were laid to rest, and sent on their journey into the next world.

In Mrs Pretty's house you can relax and be transported to the 1930s to learn the story of the famous dig. Find out about the spiritualist landowner Mrs Pretty who instigated the dig, and Basil Brown the self-taught archaeologist who first made the discovery.

Enjoy lunch in our cafe, or peruse the shop for gifts and souvenirs of your visit. We also have a second hand bookshop on site, and 250 acres of beautiful countryside to explore.

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National Trust Sutton Hoo