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Suffolk Escape Room

Suffolk Escape Room is situated in the unique location of an original war time Nissen Hut on the edge of an American style Trailer Park immersing 2-8 players into an Area 51 themed experience.

Once inside, players must find hidden clues and solve puzzles that will lead them towards escape. But players only have sixty minutes to get out, so time is of the essence. Can you Escape The Room?

Your Mission...

As a band of determined UFO hunters you have hacked the security of a base where rumours circulate of unexplained activity but the time window of opportunity is just one hour before the security overrides are switched off. You must search the area thoroughly and work out what is going on. Is this a secret military installation disguised as an abandoned farm complex or are mysterious forces at work? Could this be Britain's Area 51?

Who is Suffolk Escape Room for?

Friends - Get together with a group of your mates and take on a fun and challenging experience.

Families - A great family friendly activity suitable for kids aged 10+ right up to the more senior family members.

Birthdays & Celebrations - An ideal way to celebrate an occasion; birthdays, anniversaries, stag or hen parties.

Puzzle Enthusiasts - The perfect challenge for those who have a passion for solving puzzles.

Tourists - A unique experience for holiday makers visiting the beautiful Suffolk Coast.

Corporate Events - A terrific team building activity for your company.