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An Evening With 'Mr Plant Geek' Michael Perry

As part of the 'Weird and Wacky Plant Project' world tour.

This spring, join Jungle for an evening with TV Personality and horticultural extraordinaire 'Mr Plant Geek', Michael Perry, exclusively to Urban Jungle Suffolk at the start of his 'Weird and Wacky Plant Project' world tour.

The evening is also delighted to be raising money for Macmillan by hosting a charity auction.

Michael has travelled the world and is responsible for introducing hundreds of plants to UK gardens; ranging from climbing Pelargoniums to ground-cover Lilies and the Egg and Chips plant. Michael is also a popular TV, radio and media personality locally, nationally and worldwide with various stints on ITV’s The Alan Titchmarsh Show and This Morning, as well as BBC’s Great British Garden Revival and The One Show. You may also know Michael as a regular on BBC regional radio across the UK, contributing to BBC Suffolk quite often, giving gardening advice to telephone callers."I have loved plants since I was just 5 years old, and I especially love unusual, weird plants; plants that do things you don't expect them to.

The new Suffolk Cafe Jungle is the perfect location for a plant geek to celebrate weird and wacky plants with an equally plant-obsessed audience. We'll look at plants with super powers, the sexual prowess of plants, and check out some cool doppelgangers with live examples, plus a lot more...I can't wait to get amongst the greenery and share my infectious love of plants, and I'll probably go home with a boot of purchases too." Michael Perry.

Join Urban Jungle in Cafe Jungle for a glass of fizz on arrival and browse the unusual exotics and houseplants. Relax for Michael’s latest plant journey with a 3 course dinner, followed by a Macmillan charity auction including magnificent prizes from local Suffolk businesses.If you’d like to arrive early and meet Michael and enjoy the talk and dinner from the best seats in the house with a special gift, why not book the limited selection of VIP tickets.

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An Evening With 'Mr Plant Geek' Michael Perry
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