Avery Avocet's Adventures

Avery Avocet has returned to Minsmere from their wintering grounds. They are trying to find their Avocet friends, but can't remember where they are so are off on an adventure!

During the adventure around Minsmere, Avery keeps finding creatures they've never seen before. Maybe they can help! Can you help Avery Avocet work out who these creatures are and help them find the other Avocets?

Trail sheets are £3 per child. No need to book, just turn up and start your adventure (Please note normal entry fees do apply).

Avery Avocet Adventures is a part of RSPB Minsmere, Minsmere Explorer's program. Collect 6 stamps from completing different activities to collect a Minsmere Explorer badge!

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Avery Avocet's Adventures
Normal admission fees apply, see website for details
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