Dusk at Dunwich

Experience Dunwich Heath and Beach 'after hours' every Thursday throughout autumn and winter.

Get extended access to a much-loved hotspot on the Suffolk coast this autumn and winter, as Dunwich Heath and Beach extends its opening hours.

The car park will remain open until after dusk every Thursday evening throughout autumn and winter, allowing visitors more chance to enjoy the famous Suffolk skies at sunset and the sights and sounds of the crashing waves - as well as the chance to spot seasonal wildlife.

Autumn is the red deer’s mating season and the best time for a chance to witness majestic stags as they stake out their territory and fight for females’ attention. It's quite the spectacle: at first, the stags will roar to intimidate their competitors and then walk side-by-side to size each other up before eventually locking antlers.Lucky visitors may even be able to witness the starling murmurations, if they roost nearby.

Dunwich Heath and Beach is open daily between 9am and 5pm during October, 9am and 4pm through November, December and January, then back to 9am and 5pm in February.
For more information, visit nationaltrust.org.uk/visit/suffolk/dunwich-heath-and-beach