Fischer Random Chess Tournament - Martlesham Heath Suffolk

An interesting version of standard chess where the starting position of the pieces is random. There are 960 unique starting positions. Named after the former World Chess Champion Robert Fischer.

Event format: 6 round Swiss fun chess tournament. A random starting position will be generated before each round. 

All games in that round will use that starting position.Time control: 10 minutes each with 10 seconds added per move.Entry fee: £10 for all, GM/IM free entryPrizes: Prize fund will depend on the number of entrants.Timings: (Registration starts at 12.30pm)

Round 1 starts at 1pm

Prize Giving: 6pm

Description: ‘Fischer Random’ chess is a fun version of the classical chess where normal chess rules apply except:

1. The starting position of the pieces is random (generated by the chess program).There are 960 unique possible starting positions.

2. There are always bishops of opposite colours for each player.

3. The right to castle is valid as in the standard chess with the only difference that kings’ and rooks’ starting position might be different from what we are used to. When castling on the h-side (White's right side), King ends on g1 (g8), and rook on f1 (f8), just like the O-O move in standard chess.When castling on the a-side (White's left side), the King ends on c1 (c8), and the rook on d1 (d8), just like the O-O-O move in standard chess.Sometimes the King will not need to move; sometimes the Rook will not need to move. That's OK.

Entries and enquiries

Please enter by emailing Tournament Director Dagne Ciuksyte at

No age limits.Basic knowledge of chess rules required.The parents of young players should supervise (or arrange supervision with other parents) their children throughout the event. 

See website for details

Event name:
Fischer Random Chess Tournament - Martlesham Heath Suffolk
£10.00 per person see website for details
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