Hedgerow Dyeing with Fire and Feast

This very special workshop will provide you with an in-depth experience of hedgerow dyeing, including foraging for materials, creating dyes and using mordants as well as cooking a meal over fire.

A unique opportunity to spend a day with Fay Jones, the wonderful Woodland Haberdasher exploring all aspects of Hedgerow Dyeing and to have a go at cooking on fires to prepare lunch while the dyes develop.

Fay and Judith will greet you with coffee, cake and a short introductory talk about dyeing and plans for the day. You will then set out to collect your dyeing materials from the trees, hedges and fields at Fire and Feast. Fay will guide you through the elements of the dyeing process to create the earthy, vibrant tones of the hedgerow palette. Your material for dyeing will be double-knit yarn from the rare breed Norfolk Horn.

While the dye baths work their magic we will prepare a two-course lunch cooked on fire, guided by Judith. There will be time for questions and conversations and an opportunity to savour the beautiful Suffolk countryside as you dine.

After lunch you will explore and experiment with the development and adjustment of dye tones using mordants, and the use of fixing agents. You will depart with your chosen makers kit to enable you to turn your dyed Norfolk Horn wool into a creation of your choice.

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Hedgerow Dyeing with Fire and Feast
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