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Instagram Photography with Jemma Watts

This workshop is suitable for those of you who would like to understand the importance of Instagram and learn how to use it to its greatest capability.

Why learn about Instagram in the first place? Well it is the best photo sharing app out there. It is a great way to connect with people all around the world, as well as those in your friend network. By following other people on Instagram you can explore great new content. You can also use Instagram as an important tool for marketing your business and brand.

Go along to this workshop and you will leave knowing how to establish a presence on this social media platform, use Instagram features, know the latest trends and encourage follower engagement.

You will learn how to:-

- Set up your account

- Use Instagram as a social network and who to follow

- Know what to post

- Compose your photo and use the available light

- Apply filters and Edit your Instagram posts

- Share your posts

- Use hashtags

- Publish Instagram Stories

- Direct messaging

- Stay up with Instagram trends

- Know when to post

Event name:
Instagram Photography with Jemma Watts
£85.00 per person
Opening Hours:
One off