Jamie Raven - Making Magic at Marina Theatre

Expect the unexpected, and to laugh as much as you are mystified.

Jamie Raven, the man who made Simon Cowell say 'I now actually believe in Magic!' is back doing what he does best as he takes his brand new show 'Making Magic' on tour across the country in 2018.

The lovable Magician who headlined the West End Box Office Smash 'The Illusionists' before taking his first sell out tour 'Jamie Raven - Live' out on the road in 2016 & 2017, will take you on a journey through the magical world in which he operates.

Explaining How Magic works? Why Magic works? And what it means to so many different types people. However, as with everything this man does, not always everything as it seems.

Sit back, relax, and suspend your belief in all you thought was possible and watch as Jamie Raven shows you exactly how for 25 years he has been “Making Magic”.

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Jamie Raven - Making Magic at Marina Theatre
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