Stargazing at Orford Ness

Spend the night on Orford Ness and take advantage of the dark night skies.

On this overnight event at Orford Ness, you'll arrive on Saturday and depart on Sunday and spend the evening looking at the stars with experienced amateur astronomers, who are also members of the Norwich Astronomical Society.

Bring your own scope, binoculars, telescopes or use equipment provided by Chris and Tatyana to identify stars and planets in our sky.

Targets will include galaxies, open clusters, double stars and planetary nebulae, and with moonrise at around midnight, you might even be able to get views of the waning moon too as it rises.

Prices: £60 for National Trust members, £67.50 for non-members. Limited capacity.

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Stargazing at Orford Ness
Multiple prices - see website for further details.
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