Textile Art Exhibition

'Bridging the Gap'

EAST's latest exhibition 'Bridging the Gap' is being launched at The Grundisburgh House Gallery.

EAST exhibitions usually have an enigmatic title and with Bridging the Gap this practice continues. EAST members have spent the previous year pondering the role of women both past and present. This includes specific examples of women who despite their gender and their circumstances have forged a path and a way forward either for themselves or for others to embrace.

Areas of research are diverse but each focus on either the individual or on trends that have emerged, changed, or are still changing. In Bridging the Gap, the artist and therefore the viewer is asked to consider what is the bridge and/or equally what is meant by the gap? It may not be one distinctive or single answer but a cumulative journey that starts with a small idea and eventually encompasses many interwoven networks.

When viewing this exciting new exhibition, Bridging the Gap, one may surmise that EAST has become the bridge - the link between our ‘women of inspiration’; and the wider audience that views the final work.

Open every day Thursday 25 April - Wednesday 8 May (til 3pm), free entry.

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Textile Art Exhibition
Free Entry
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