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There and Back Again - An Odyssey

Follow CBeebies Patrick Lynch as he launches Ulysses and his companions on a fantastic 20 years long voyage to get back home.

First written down 3000 years ago the Odyssey is the mother of all stories, the ultimate source of myths and legends full of epic battles, floating islands, one-eyed giants, angry Gods and powerful magic.

Miniature worlds come to life on our big screen as we create them out of sand, stones, fire and water.

The use of multiple cameras magnifies our table-top puppetry down to the smallest detail and turns a storm-in-a-teacup into an Aegean tempest.

We have adapted this epic to bring out the fundamental fable that everyone can follow - a thrilling ride across the magical world of ancient Greece to show you that no matter how far you roam, there's no place like Homer.

Ages 6-11.

Wheelchair Accessible
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There and Back Again - An Odyssey
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