Woodbridge Camera Club Annual Exhibition

Art meets Photography on Woodbridge Riverside 2018 Annual Photographic Exhibition

Woodbridge Camera Club is holding its Annual Exhibition in the newly completed 'Longshed' on Tide Mill Way which is part of the 'Woodbridge Riverside' Regeneration Project.

Woodbridge Art Club are holding their Exhibition outside complemented with views of the Deben.Woodbrideg Camera Club are proud to be the first organisation to use the Riverside Trust’s Mezzanine Display Area to exhibit our members work on Friday 10th - Sunday 12th August 10.00 am - 4.30 pm. The Mayor Cllr David Mortimer will be selecting his top 4 prints at the Club Members private viewing.

Overlooking the construction area of the ‘Longshed’ used for skiff-building projects alongside the Anglo-Saxon ship reconstruction some 70 of our members photographs will be displayed and a slide show of projected images may be viewed.

Woodbridge Art Club are also staging an Exhibition outside recreating their first exhibition from 50 years ago by displaying their work on fencing panels to emulate hanging pictures on the Station Railings at their first exhibition.

Event name:
Woodbridge Camera Club Annual Exhibition
Free Entry