• Banksy - Child Digging - (c) Adam Barnes
  • Banksy - Rat with cocktail - (c) Adam Barnes
  • Banksy - Gull and chips - (c) Adam Barnes
  • Banksy - Dancing at the bus stop - (c) Adam Barnes

Banksy's 'Spraycation' on The Suffolk Coast

The illusive artist Banksy has been enjoying a staycation on The Suffolk Coast! We've taken a look at the incredible pieces of art that have mysteriously appeared in Lowestoft and Oulton Broad in Suffolk and Gorleston and Great Yarmouth in Norfolk...

And after a few days wondering who the creator maybe, Banksy has claimed them on their official Instagram channel, along with a rather amusing video postcard of his time spent in Lowestoft, Oulton Broad, Great Yarmouth, Gorleston and Cromer. (Watch on on Banksy's official Instagram channel at https://www.instagram.com/tv/CShWMUwFKkI/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link). 

The pieces have certainly created a buzz of excitement across the coast, So on your next visit here, be sure to pay them a visit...

'We're all in the same boat'

Banksy - Were all in the same boat - (c) Rosemarie Pike

Located in Nicholas Everitt Park in Oulton Broad, the painting of 3 children in a boat with the tagline 'We're all in the same boat', is on a wall over a drain as you enter the park from the Bridge Road entrance. When it was first discovered, the children were in a boat which was created by a piece of corrugated metal. The metal 'boat' has been removed by the parish council due to heavy rainfall and possible flooding, but it is hoped that it will be reinstated at some point. The potential flooding due to rainfall only serves to confirm the piece's powerful environmental warning, as the children bail out the sinking ship. 

'Digging a hole'

Banksys - Child digging - (c) Adam Barnes

Located on London Road North (the main High Street) in Lowestoft, the painting shows a young child digging a hole in the sand. At first, you assume the child is on the beach with a spade, but on closer inspection you will notice that the spade is a crowbar and the paving slab below has been lifted. 

'Rat on deckchair with cocktail'

Banksys - Rat with cocktail - (c) Adam Barnes

Located at the bottom of Links Hill on the North Beach in Lowestoft, the rat looks like he's enjoying his holidays as he lays back in a deckchair in the shade of his umbrella whilst sipping on a cocktail. Look a little harder you will notice that the rat's cocktail glass is strategically placed below a drain that drips waste water.  Rodents have been frequent feature of Banksy pieces during COVID, leading people early on to believe this one was a hint that the pieces were genuine. 

'Gull and Chips'

Banksy - gull and chips - (c) Adam Barnes

Visitors to the town arriving by train will be met with the depiction of a giant seagull eating chips out of a skip. On the side of a building on Katwijk Way in Lowestoft, the massive bird is placed above a skip and appears to be scavenging for food. The skip below is no-coincidental placing; it has been confirmed that the skip appeared overnight along with the painting, with the skips contents carefully selected and placed to resemble giant chips. 

'Arcade-style grabber'

Banksy - arcade grabber - (c) Adam Barnes

Hop across the border into Norfolk and make the short drive to Gorleston seafront. Here, above a bench in a sea shelter is a giant arcade-style grabber, which pays homage to the traditional seaside experience on offer. Since it first appeared, the addition of a tag 'Banksy collaboration Emo' has appeared along with 6 stencilled teddy bears - leading us to ask, Banksy got a local accomplice? 

'Dancing at the bus stop'

Banksys - Dancing on at the bus stop - (c) Adam Barnes

Located on Admiralty Road in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, this life-size piece shows a couple dancing to a man playing an accordion on top of a bus shelter roof. The roof takes the form of the dance floor, with the characters wearing 1940s style clothing. Like with all of the new pieces, the placing of this beautiful painting is no coincidence, with many wondering how the artists managed to create such incredible artwork in iconic locations.

Cromer Crabs

TTDA - Banksy - Cromer crabs

The depiction of 'Cromer Crabs' is located in the Norfolk seaside town of Cromer on the sea wall near the beach huts at the east of the town. Like the rat on Lowestoft Beach, those wishing to follow the 'Banksy Trail' may want to visit this one sooner rather than later, as both of these pieces are exposed to the sea and the natural elements.

'Go Big or Go Home'

TTDA - Banksy - Merrivale Model Village

A later addition to the collection, a stable with horse featuring the tag' Go big or go home' appeared at the Merrivale Model Village on Great Yarmouth's seafront on 8 August. The model is a new addition, along with the graffiti which also features a familiar rat on top of a wheel. In Banksy's video, there also appears to be a girl holding an apple, but this was missing by the time the piece was discovered. 

The model has been placed in a protective clear box, and It is now on show for visitors only between 1pm and and 3pm daily. 

Images courtesy of Adam MJ Barnes Photography and Merrivale Model Village