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Southwold Cycle Hire

Of all the possible ways to explore Southwold and its surrounds, one of the best is from the saddle of a bike.

Unlike a larger town there aren’t any major roads in Southwold, meaning it’s a far safer environment for anyone on two wheels. Plus it only takes a few minutes pedalling in any direction before you are taking in scenic views, whether it’s a breathtaking coastal panorama or Suffolk’s rural landscape. Once you leave Southwold you can find Walberswick with its population of artists, historic Dunwich and cultural Halesworth all within an easy ten mile radius. Alternatively if you just wish to ride without a destination then there are many cycle routes to take you on loops of varying degrees of difficulty.

Of course, getting your own bikes here, especially on holiday is often completely impractical. This is where Southwold Cycle Hire comes in. Situated on Blyth Road, just near the Police Station, this independent business has been hiring bikes since they opened in 1983. So along with finely maintained mountain bikes, you also get the benefit of their 30 years experience with every visit.

With Southwold Cycle Hire you get to choose from a wide range of mountain bikes and all cycles come with a lock and a pump as standard, with a helmet just £1 extra. Bicycles with child seats and tag-alongs are also available on request so even toddlers and young children can still see the county in the best possible way.

There is no deposit necessary, and Southwold Cycle Hire’s flexible hire scheme means that you can rent a bike for any length of time from a day right up to two weeks. Even better, their price scheme is designed so the longer you take your bike for, the more money you save.

For 2018 when you hire one bike you’ll get one free! That’s 2 bikes for £10 per day or £25 for the week. Opening times are from 9am to 4pm Monday to Saturday.
Attraction name:
Southwold Cycle Hire
£10 per day/£25 per week
Opening Hours:
Monday to Saturday 9am to 4pm
How to get here:
There is only one road into Southwold, as you go over the bridge we are 500 yards on the right, opposite the police station.